The Great Gatsby is upon us.

Atlanta celebrated its premiere with a true 20′s throwdown at the Swan House with the Atlanta History Center┬álast night- feathers, pearls, and all.

Gatsby party.083

The Inman family’s Swan House was the perfect Atlanta incarnation of Gatsby’s mansion, green light and all.

Gatsby party.084

We went full out 20′s (Anthropologie shoes straight out of 1925!), along with most everyone else in attendance.Gatsby party.085

Some purposefully posed,Gatsby party.086

others posed subconsciously, simply because of the sophistication and sartorialism in the air.

IMG_6573 IMG_6575


Some looked like they stepped out of a production of Chicago,


while others were all class and authenticity in ensemble and demeanor (the lady in green ended up winning “Best Costume” for the entire event!)



Daisy & Jay made an appearance,


and the crowd learned the significance of this house in Prohibition era Atlanta.

Gatsby party.087

We took a tour of the house, all done up for a soiree of this caliber (and period of history).Gatsby party.092 Gatsby party.088

Men’s styles were surprisingly dapper and predominantly accurate,Gatsby party.089

so I might have ended up semi-stalking a few of the best-dressed.Gatsby party.090 Gatsby party.091


And of course, Dr. T.J. Eckleburg’s eyes were ever watching us.

Congrats to the AHC team who put this “Party with the Past” on! Thank you for creating an environment worthy of The Great J. Gatsby in the 21st century.



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