With Christmas presents came Style. Literally. Thanks to Kit Clonts of BH-GT, I received the first of a colorful series of lifestyle books (Occasions, Manners, etc) by Kate Spade that I plan on using as a constant reference for everything from henceforth.

This little hardback is filled from cover to cover with inspiration: beginning with literature, art, culture, and design as influencers and ending with practical tips for daily dressing.  Just flipping through the pages gets me excited for the brilliance inside!

Rachel received a few style books for Christmas as well. As a curator and a constant student of fabrics, textures, and design history, these books of 18th to 21st century styles and shoes were the most amazing treasures.

We had so much fun looking through every page, seeing the styles cycle around through the decades, and connecting lengths of skirts with revolutions and other periods of art and music throughout history.

What a blessing to live in this day & age, where we can look at all that was done in the past, and take the best of it! To be able to gracefully combine all of our favourite periods of style through the many different elements we can wear in today’s ensembles.

What is your favourite period of style? Or combination of them (dream a little)?

So, as Katherine‘s lovely inscription on the inside of Style read,

“Here is to color, and fashion, and beauty sans the confines and dictates of society.”

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