The high waisted everything has made a come back.  And I absolutely love it.  Why?  Because the high waist makes such a great silhouette.  You can wear it form-fittingly, in a pencil skirt or skinny jeans, or like this, with the A-line shaping the skirt. True, not all of these are high-waisted, but they do all have the A-line, which, combined with the fact that they are skirts, is reminiscent of that lovely era where women could still wear white gloves to go out and pearls were acceptable in the kitchen: the 50′s.

So, the facts we have learned from these 3 different ways to wear the A-line:

1. The high waist looks good on everyone.

2. A-line skirts remind us of the 50′s.

3. The 50′s are a lovely era to be reminded of, especially considering that whole white glove/pearls deal.

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