Bonny Jean wears clothes with such ease and grace, no matter if it’s a large sweater and tights, or if it’s a perfectly proportioned dress with a bodice.  This dress was her grandmother’s.  From Switzerland.  That is simply the quaintest.

It has the curves built into it to give her a 50′s shape from the back, and then she turns around and you realize that if Heidi was born in the 50′s, this is what she would look like. Because of the intricate embroidery on the bottom hem and front of this dress, the texture of the fabric is enhanced, and the pattern becomes just enough to off-set the bright red.

If you have well-fitting dresses, it helps distract away from the apparent tightness of the piece if there is a special texture like embroidery, heavy beading, or other fabric creations.  And the patterns of these pieces are perfectly balanced by the brightness of the fabric in the body of the dress, or vice versa.

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