Gatsby comes out in theatres tonight, and we are honoring the jazz age styles in very different ways today:


    Lauren in her Art Deco embellished dress.


    Amelia in her pin-striped suit, in honor of Brooks Brothers pulling out their 20′s designs out of the vault for Catherine Martin, the film’s visual designer extraordinaire.

    P.S.- Amelia is wearing Warby Parker Zaggs in Tennessee Whiskey — WP just released a brilliantly historically accurate 1922 Collection in honor of Gatsby-mania.

  • The Great Gatsby is upon us.

    Atlanta celebrated its premiere with a true 20′s throwdown at the Swan House with the Atlanta History Center last night- feathers, pearls, and all.

    Gatsby party.083

    The Inman family’s Swan House was the perfect Atlanta incarnation of Gatsby’s mansion, green light and all.

    Gatsby party.084

    We went full out 20′s (Anthropologie shoes straight out of 1925!), along with most everyone else in attendance.Gatsby party.085

    Some purposefully posed,Gatsby party.086

    others posed subconsciously, simply because of the sophistication and sartorialism in the air.

    IMG_6573 IMG_6575


    Some looked like they stepped out of a production of Chicago,


    while others were all class and authenticity in ensemble and demeanor (the lady in green ended up winning “Best Costume” for the entire event!)



    Daisy & Jay made an appearance,


    and the crowd learned the significance of this house in Prohibition era Atlanta.

    Gatsby party.087

    We took a tour of the house, all done up for a soiree of this caliber (and period of history).Gatsby party.092 Gatsby party.088

    Men’s styles were surprisingly dapper and predominantly accurate,Gatsby party.089

    so I might have ended up semi-stalking a few of the best-dressed.Gatsby party.090 Gatsby party.091


    And of course, Dr. T.J. Eckleburg’s eyes were ever watching us.

    Congrats to the AHC team who put this “Party with the Past” on! Thank you for creating an environment worthy of The Great J. Gatsby in the 21st century.



  • This year, it seemed like everyone around me decided to defy typical Easter Sunday attire of pastels and soft, sheer materials in favor of brighter, bolder ensembles- a look I am calling “alternative Easter.”




    LieslEaster- jack



  • Lindsay got her Warby Parkers in just in time to show them off for 2012′s New Year’s Eve. [See her choose them at WP's Class Trip here.]

    Look at those Becketts!

    I, just as promised on Kate‘s Revelrey a couple of weeks ago, sported my new Crafts & Love necklace to complete my ’20′s look [inspired of course by Baz Luhrmann's upcoming Gatsby remake]. Along with the Art Deco shaped statement [which you can see up close in my previous post], I belted the black sequins, drew on some red lips, and of course had to wear the Daisy Buchanan shaped headpiece.


    Necklace: Crafts & Love // Headpiece: Forever 21 // Lipstick: MAKE UP FOR EVER // Dress: clothing swap among friends // Heels: Urban Outfitters


    Along with her Warby Parkers, Lindsay welcomed in 2013 with a pair of gold sparkle tights I gave her [recently voted 1 of the topmost reliable pairs by Refinery 29], and sweater with a fantastic collar handmade by her grandmother.

    Nicole continued the New Year’s Eve theme with her similarly Times Square ball shaped necklace.


    Tights: H&M // Sweater: handmade // Nicole’s necklace: gift

  • With Christmas presents came Style. Literally. Thanks to Kit Clonts of BH-GT, I received the first of a colorful series of lifestyle books (Occasions, Manners, etc) by Kate Spade that I plan on using as a constant reference for everything from henceforth.

    This little hardback is filled from cover to cover with inspiration: beginning with literature, art, culture, and design as influencers and ending with practical tips for daily dressing.  Just flipping through the pages gets me excited for the brilliance inside!

    Rachel received a few style books for Christmas as well. As a curator and a constant student of fabrics, textures, and design history, these books of 18th to 21st century styles and shoes were the most amazing treasures.

    We had so much fun looking through every page, seeing the styles cycle around through the decades, and connecting lengths of skirts with revolutions and other periods of art and music throughout history.

    What a blessing to live in this day & age, where we can look at all that was done in the past, and take the best of it! To be able to gracefully combine all of our favourite periods of style through the many different elements we can wear in today’s ensembles.

    What is your favourite period of style? Or combination of them (dream a little)?

    So, as Katherine‘s lovely inscription on the inside of Style read,

    “Here is to color, and fashion, and beauty sans the confines and dictates of society.”

  • Once a week during the holidays, Kate Fitchett of Revelrey had a gift giveaway featuring some of her favourite local artists.
    As she revealed to me whilst exchanging our own Christmas presents, I was the winner of the last week’s contest! [I had been wondering why she hadn't announced the winner yet...]

    See her post introducing the designer of my New Year’s necklace, Courtney of Crafts & Love, here.

    And yes, I will be going full out ’20′s to New Year’s- look out for that post Tuesday.

  • Kate and I enjoyed our local tea shop today while trying out different combinations of leather and  winter florals. Love this girl and her branching out to new sartorial ventures!

    Jacket: SantaFe Apparel // Tights: The Sock Shop // Boots: Nine West // Dress: gained from a clothing swap among friends!

  • 20121221-150903.jpg


    Thank you, Von Maur, for these saddle oxfords. The bright color-block of orange (which Dan so artfully accentuated in his collar) in these provide a little kick to the traditional professional dress of a law firm.

    It’s also casual Friday.


  • 20121221-150710.jpg

    Fur is this winter’s obsession, and finally Atlanta is cold enough to sport the fur we’ve been hiding away in the closet all season.  Just in time for Christmas!

    CeeGee’s coat perfectly pairs the 2 dramatic essences of winter outerwear: cloaks & fur.

  • Tonight some friends and I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Warby Parker‘s Class Trip here in Atlanta. We picked out some eyeglasses [Lindsay got the Becketts!] to purchase, and enjoyed the old school vibe they had created in the ambiance of a wood-paneled school bus.

    Warby Parker will be here in Atlanta until December 23, with a big event at The Goat Farm next Tuesday [Dec 18] night! If you have wanted to get a pair of these all-round wonderful glasses, first see my previous post about how great the company is, and then get on down to Atlantic Station to try every pair on in person! This is your chance! [But not your only chance, thanks to their home try-on program]

  • My friend Sydney has an amazing shoe collection. She is a connoisseur, obsessed with designers at the highest level of sartorial madness heaven, such as Jeffrey Campbell & Louboutin. I raided her closet in the middle of a Christmas party last weekend to document her new display, and she showed me the platform beauties you see below.

    Forever 21 — can you believe it?

  • During my recent trip to New York City, I decided to try out some of my favourite kind of shopping: thrifting/antiquing/flea marketing.  Well, after being referred to what is apparently the best flea market in Manhattan, I realized that we may have different definitions of what a flea market actually is.

    My favourite flea markets are those endless warehouses with so many booths you get lost in them, looking at people’s treasures from generations past. Hell’s Kitchen held New York’s version of this, with a few tables lined up on this West Side side street, full of pretty modern junk no one wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, many Southern flea markets have booths like that as well, but at least there is more to it.  More to me = variety.

    The one very unique component and my favourite part of this particular adventure was the fur.  If you needed fur of any kind (which is everyone in a NY winter) – coats, gloves, hats, or pelts – this was the place to go for the best deal of your life.

    Needless to say, if you are expecting an extensive antique experience in Hell’s Kitchen Saturday market, you will not get it.  However, the community and wares were completely fascinating and a wonderful exposure to a different definition of flea market.

  • how to/ombre hair

  • 20121125-212026.jpg

    Boots: Anthropologie  // Velvet coat: Vintage Thrift // Necklace: combo of UO chain, Anthro charms, and our newfound favourite charm shop, Brooklyn Charms // Hair: See how-to here

  • To honor our long-lasting love of macarons [see our baking adventures (1) & (2)], Kit and I followed up on her promise to take me to Laduree’s 1 shop in the States when I finally came to visit her in New York.

    Of course they were the best macarons we had ever tasted. [How could they not be? Look at these flavors! ] And of course we needed to dress for the occasion.


    Hat: // Skirt: J. Crew // Lips: Nars


    Coat: Forever 21 // Scarf: Gift from Paris // Boots: Ralph Lauren


  • In honor of Anna Karenina & in preparation for our ice-skating adventures later in the evening….


    Hat: Forever 21 // Collar: H&M // Coat: thrifted // Leg warmers: Target, last season // Boots: Ralph Lauren


    Coat: Forever 21 // Scarf: UO // Sweater: H&M // Dress: UO // Bag: vintage Dooney & Bourke

    P.S.- To be inspired to your own Russian winter adventures, begin with this as your soundtrack this season: http://t.co/9KjJsOsR

  • 20121121-180228.jpg

    Coat: thrifted // Bag: Target // Tights: H&M // Shoes: Gap


    Dress: Gap // Sweater: H&M // Boots: Ralph Lauren

  • Downtown Abbey lace for a night of Dan Stevens on Broadway!


    Dress: H&M // Lips: Clinique

    Coat: Vertigo Paris // Dress: Kimchi Blue // Cameo: vintage London boutique // Lips: MAKE UP FOR EVER

  • 20121120-173330.jpg

    Sweater: Aspen boutique // Headband: Forever 21 // Shirt: Gap // Earrings: vintage // Boots: Anthro // Bag: vintage Dooney & Bourke // Glasses: Bonlook, Bonnie & Clyde




    Sweater: J. Crew // Chambray: Ralph Lauren // Jeans: Gap // Glasses: Warby Parker, Zagg